Pilates Studio London

You want to try Pilates but not sure what you'll find what you get there?

At Six Pilates we offer progressive, tailored Pilates classes run by qualified Physiotherapists, who know and understand the body, how it works and what it needs.

We were the first private clinic in London to run Pilates classes back in the 80's and our Pilates studios in London are all fully equipped with all the latest kit.

  • Reformers, Cadillac and the Wonder Chair - designed to stretch, strengthen and lengthen your muscles through the use of resistance springs, leverage and body weight.
  • Bosu ball, Swiss ball and the Rocker board - for core strengthening and balance.

We're the only UK based clinic to use real-time ultrasound to help you see your "core" in action.

At Six Pilates we get to know you and your individual needs. We will work on your specific rehab needs or incorporate specific sports conditioning into your class. We offer both 3:1 classes and individual sessions. With over 250 Pilates classes a week across our 11 Pilates studios in London, we make it easy to find a Pilates Class that suits your busy schedule.

Ready for Pilates? Book a class or call us on 020 7736 0193.